ZipTrail is our mega exciting dual zipline course. Fly from tree to tree, scramble  your way over the postman’s walk, cross the step over and blast down the big zips on each Zone. All while zipping along, side by side with your friends and family, up to 30 feet above the forest floor.

ZipTrail has 3 Zones in total, all of which have their own unique quirks, character and features. Sessions will be led by our experienced, qualified instructors who will take you from the kitting up process, through our training zone and finally guide you through each zone.

Ziptrail Session Admission

ZipTrail sessions last up to 2 hours and include all of equipment hire, instruction and up to 3 unique, exciting zones. All participants will be guided through an initial training zone to ensure everyone is happy and confident with the safety equipment before commencing the ZipTrail experience.


NEW adult and child price

  • All participants must be 1.4m in height
  • All participants must be a maximum of 18.5 stone/120kg
  • All participants must be at least 8 years old


ziptrail safety system

ZipTrail operates with a CLiC-iT system providing a closed-circuit safety system. Instead of using carabiners that are susceptible to human error, we use CLiC-iT – you will be connected to the cable at the beginning of the zone, and you will only be able to remove one CLiC-iT at a time to manoeuvre the course, you will only be able to fully detach form the cables when you reach a ‘key’ at the end of a zone on ground level. Relax with your friends and family in the knowledge you are in the hands of a smart system that will not allow accidental detachments!


*Please note that we have a minimum session capacity of 4 participants. We are unable to open up new ZipTrail sessions for group sizes of 3 or less.